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Foundabilities was started as a result of the horrible ravages of the Covid 19 virus.
Due to the insurmountable physical and financial demands, Foundation For The Handicapped had to close its doors. The resulting social silence that ensued was most difficult for the special people who
worked and lived at "the Foundation"! Gone was the family lifestyle and the daily social interaction that was part of their normal routine and interpersonal relationships.

Several of us witnessing and feeling this gloomy separation got together to determine how the social element and community service portion could be revived. We formed a board, chose a monthly Zoom meeting, and became serious about offering something for the emotional welfare of the special population we hope to serve.

We decided that we could not provide any type of employment, but rather, we wanted to provide individuals with disabilities a safe, secure and supportive environment that will promote a sense of self-worth, positive relationships, and equality in the local community. These goals are being accomplished through social interaction, supervised
games, events, and services through volunteer efforts.

We congealed our thoughts, and brought them to Mayor Chris Vergano, requesting his
help. Mayor Vergano was most understanding and gracious to allow our new endeavor, “Foundabilities,” to begin within the same building as was used by Foundation For The
Handicapped on 30 Woodridge Terrace here in Wayne!




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